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Big Idea Mastermind

Big Idea Mastermind

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If making money in your business isn’t EASY,
you ain’t doing it right…


(PLR) Private Label Marketing may very well

be just the perfect solution for you for your

MLM needs.


You need fresh, new articles on a weekly basis,

content to improve your site, and PLR is a good

way to add relevant, creative, online search engine

friendly content for your MLM website.


It’s pretty difficult to research and write how many

articles you’d need and still run a Multilevel marketing



Just what is PLR?


Among other things, Articles with private label rights

are a reasonable creature with the Net. In brief form,

Private label rights articles allow you to make another

author’s work yours by changing its content.


That might vary from writing an introduction paragraph

or editing the title, to completely modifying it any way

you want and adding your name as its creator. It’s actually

a lot simpler to work with an existing article than it is to

start out a completely new one right from the start.


Why would you want to tweak your Articles with private label rights?


One would for the simple reason that many

of them would not have been written with any particular

keyword in mind, so it’s up to you to repair it

meaning the search engines like Google will find them.


Your articles will certainly be unique. You will want to change

their tone, and add your own personality.


Do not forget that the more consistently original your

article is, the better long term results you’ll have on

your MLM site and business.


Only one last dollop of information you’ll need to learn

about using PLR articles -

after you’ve purchased them you do need

to personalize them.


This is to avoid duplicate content so that the online

search engine filters do not consider you a content



Better to be safe than sorry than to find your site

zapped or banned!


Happy Blogging!


Something my sponsor of six years said to me the other day has been playing over and over in my mind. …and I FINALLY realized he is right.

Just focus your message and your marketing towards people that want to make 1000 dollars a day.. you will find those people realize it actually cost money to make money. Find someone who is happy making 400 dollars a month and you will find that person hardly puts any effort into their business. It has been easier for me to make more, because the people that have upgraded actually put time/money and effort and actually even get back to me. -Larry Rivera

I’ve been listening to this guy for six years now and haven’t done one thing he’s told me to do and guess what… .

…I’m in the same position I was in when I met him. He has not given up on me in all these six years. We might have stopped talking for a few months at a time but he always came back to me asking me how I was doing and asking me if there was anything he could help me with.

I am one of those people that he’s talking about in his quote above. I’m always the one looking for all the “free” opportunities.

I have not made a dime from ANY of those opportunities.

I have, however, made money with a company I’m going to tell you about right now.

In fact, if you’re anxious to see what I’m talking about you don’t have to go very far because you’re on the page right now that explains it all.

Look across the top of this page and click on each of the tabs and take a look around.

Then watch the video by clicking on the banner on the right side of this page.

This is the best opportunity on the Internet right now and the best thing is that even if you are already in another opportunity that is optimal for you because the blog you are on right now is the same blog you will get with Empower Network and you can use it to promote your business with hardly any effort except to write blog posts about it.

How will this help you?

Check out the Alexa rankings on www.EmpowerNetwork.com and you will see that we rank (as of today) 1,157 IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. That’s amazing!

Empower Network Alexa Ranking 3/31/2012

How much traffic do you think you will get just from that very fact?

If that’s all you do is purchase a blog from Empower Network you’ll be boosting your current business astronomically just by using the rankings that are already in place for you.

Even if you don’t have a current business all you have to do is blog about anything you want and you will make money with Empower Network.

I’m glad that I finally decided to listen to what my sponsor has been tellling me for the last six years. I only wish I had listened sooner.

Go watch the videos and peruse this website now.

You’ll be glad you did.

If you are like me and want to listen to YOUR sponsor now and just can’t wait to start making money TODAY instead of six years down the road…

…then go HERE now.

We have an awesome team and you will have 100% support from myself, my sponsor AND our team members.

There is no better opportunity out there right now so I can’t wait to start working with you and together with our team to finally start making money online.

Shawna Smith :)

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